“Bayern Munich signs rising star Nestory Irankunda, making his dreams a reality.”

Nestory Irankunda, a talented young player from Adelaide United, has officially joined Bayern Munich for a record-breaking fee in the A-League. The 17-year-old expressed his excitement and called his transfer to the German champions a dream come true.

The winger for the Reds will be moving to Germany in July of next year, once he turns 18 years old, which is the minimum age for a global transfer according to Fifa regulations. Although the transfer fee for the young player, who was born in Tanzania, has not been revealed by Adelaide, it is estimated to be around $A5.5m (£2.85m). This amount is almost twice the $A2.9m that Celtic paid to acquire Marco Tilio from Melbourne City in June.

Irankunda’s transfer to Bayern was highly anticipated and was officially announced on Tuesday evening. In a statement, Irankunda expressed his excitement at finalizing the move to one of the top clubs in the world, calling it a dream come true. He also mentioned his commitment to finishing the season with Adelaide United and striving for success.

I have been a member of the club for three to four years and I am incredibly thankful for the supportive and respectful environment it has provided me. The coaches have taken care of me and taught me a great deal, my teammates have always been there for me, and the members and fans have shown me tremendous kindness. Therefore, I hope to give back to the club before I leave.

Nathan Kosmina, the CEO of Adelaide United, expressed his hope that making this deal public now would offer Irankunda the chance to focus on his career in Australia without any interruptions. Kosmina added that this is a thrilling opportunity for Nestory and his loved ones to join one of the top clubs globally. He also mentioned that the club is proud of Nestory and the part they played in his growth.

“We have a proven history of fostering young talent from South Australia and our goal is to see them have opportunities to compete at the highest level. We recognize the A-League’s position within the global soccer community, and while our main focus is always on team success, we take great pride in developing players who can go on to represent Australia and play in the top leagues around the world.”

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Irankunda has made his debut in the 2021-22 season and has scored nine goals in 38 games in the A-League. However, he has only played in three games this season.

Source: theguardian.com