Alexis Mac Allister is determined to continue his success beyond the World Cup. He believes this tournament is only the beginning for him.

Alexis Mac Allister is determined to continue his success beyond the World Cup. He believes this tournament is only the beginning for him.


The World Cup champion’s medal may represent a conclusion for certain players, a fulfilled mission, and the ultimate achievement. However, for Alexis Mac Allister, his medal has a different meaning. Since December 18, 2022, he has looked at it every day and sees it as a starting point. Argentina’s victory over France has sparked a desire in the Liverpool midfielder that has yet to be fulfilled.

The Carabao Cup final against Chelsea on Sunday is Mac Allister’s first opportunity to win a trophy with Jürgen Klopp’s team and the first cup final of his senior club career. There has been success on the international stage of course, from Argentina’s under-23s to the ultimate glory in Qatar, and a league title on loan at Boca Juniors. Mementoes from them all will eventually go in a museum that Mac Allister has planned for the family home. But there is space to fill.

After making two key plays that secured Liverpool’s win against Luton on Wednesday night, he expresses his desire for more victories. The World Cup made him realize his hunger for trophies, making Sunday’s final a significant opportunity. This was his goal when he joined the club, and it will be his first final with Liverpool, making it a momentous occasion for both him and the team. The team has been focused on their recent games, but now they can shift their attention to preparing for the final.

Mac Allister frequently takes moments to contemplate his most noteworthy accomplishment, but his World Cup medal remains a perpetual source of joy and drive. “I make a point to see it every day,” he states. “It holds great significance for me and for our nation. It’s the pinnacle of a football player’s career, so it’s a tremendous source of pride for me. And hopefully, next week, I can add a Carabao Cup medal to the list of things I can proudly look at.”

In the future, I hope to establish a small museum in my home. This room will contain all of my prized possessions, including a replica of the World Cup, a medal, and other trophies. Currently, they are stored in a safe place, but my goal is to have a dedicated space where I can admire them at any time.

Mac Allister has quickly emerged as a leader in the Liverpool team; a quiet and unassuming leader perhaps, but an authority on the pitch all the same. His versatility and game intelligence were two of the main reasons Liverpool made him a priority for their midfield rebuild last summer, when he arrived for a cut-price £35m thanks to a clause in his Brighton contract. Both have helped the team rise to the top of the Premier League and withstand almost constant disruption to the starting lineup.

“It’s unbelievable because ever since my first day here, I’ve felt a strong connection that I haven’t experienced at any other club,” he states. “At previous clubs, it took time to adjust. But here, from day one, the people have helped me settle in very well. I have a genuine bond with the fans and the club, and I truly enjoy being here. This is one of the top clubs in the world and I hope to stay here for many years to come.”

The newly acquired player during the summer was among the more seasoned individuals on the field during the match against Luton. Despite Liverpool utilizing seven players who were 21 years old or younger for their recent comeback, Mac Allister will not be giving guidance to any young players leading up to their game at Wembley. “I am also still quite young at 25 years old. Every player and person is unique, so I wouldn’t say too much to them; they should just savor playing football.”

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The World Cup final is considered the most significant match globally and certainly boosts one’s confidence. While experience is helpful, it is not the only determining factor. Some players have excelled in their first final, such as myself in the World Cup [Mac Allister provided the assist for Ángel Di María’s impressive team goal in the final]. Therefore, we should savor the experience. Winning a trophy for our club would be a remarkable achievement, but we must focus on playing our brand of football.

The upcoming match will see the midfielder facing off against his fellow Argentina teammate Enzo Fernández and former Brighton teammate Moisés Caicedo. In their previous encounter at Anfield, Chelsea suffered a 4-1 defeat. Mac Allister states that he does not anticipate the same match on Sunday, acknowledging that the opposing team is strong and has had more time to rest.

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Mac Allister and Caicedo would have remained teammates had Chelsea succeeded in a late move for the former last summer or Liverpool turned the latter’s head with a then British record bid of £111m. “Liverpool was the only chance,” says Mac Allister of his decision. He opted against interfering in Caicedo’s.

This is a personal choice and I would not want to interfere. It is his decision and that is perfectly acceptable. We have not had much communication since then. When we played against Chelsea, we had a brief conversation, but we have not been in touch through WhatsApp or social media.

“He may have caused some discomfort with what occurred during the summer,” he chuckles, “but everything is alright. He’s a fantastic player and a great person, so I hope for the best for him every day- except for Sunday.”

Silvina, the mother of Mac Allister, will be present at Wembley while his father, Carlos, a former Argentinian national team defender, will be watching from home. Mac Allister’s older brothers, Francis and Kevin, are also professional players. Despite not always being positive, Carlos always watches his son’s games and offers his thoughts. This honesty is appreciated by Mac Allister and his brothers, as it helps them improve. Before the Luton game, Mac Allister spoke to his father who advised him to give his all and go for every opportunity. Both Mac Allister and his team, Liverpool, are following this advice.