According to Maddy Cusack’s family, her love for football led to her spirit being broken.

The relatives of Maddy Cusack have announced that a comprehensive external inquiry has been initiated into the passing of the Sheffield United footballer, stating that her mental well-being was “neglected” by the sport.

On September 20th, Cusack passed away at her residence in Derbyshire at the age of 27. The local police confirmed that there were no unusual circumstances surrounding her death. An investigation into the cause of death was initiated last month and has been postponed.

The Maddy Cusack Foundation, founded by the family of the football player, shared a speech on Monday evening. The speech, originally given by Cusack’s mother Deborah at a memorial service for the former vice-captain of the Blades in late October, was shared on Instagram and X, formerly known as Twitter.

It read: “The saddest and most utterly heartbreaking reason why I am having to stand here and speak to you today is because of football. From February this year, the indomitable, irrepressible spirit, the spirit called Maddy, the spirit that I had so fearlessly protected was allowed to be broken. Taking her away from me.”

The post from the foundation further stated that Maddy did not have any long-term mental health concerns or struggles, which those close to her would already be aware of. However, there is no reason to feel ashamed if she did have any, which she did not. It is important for those who were not familiar with her to understand this.

Maddy was a cheerful and carefree young woman who had a bright future ahead of her. Last Christmas, she was at her happiest. However, things began to change in February of this year. It is well-known and understandable that Sheffield United Football Club has agreed, at the request of Maddy’s family, to conduct a thorough external investigation into the events that they believe played a significant role in her untimely passing at the age of 27.

Sheffield United refused to provide a statement when contacted.

Unfortunately, before she passed away, Cusack had recently begun her sixth season playing for the Blades in the Women’s Championship. She held the record for being the team’s longest-serving player, having played in over 100 games. In addition to her role on the field, she also worked as a marketing executive for the club. In July, the former England youth player signed a new contract extension with the Blades.