A fan at the Rayo Vallecano game touched Sevilla player Lucas Ocampos on his backside.

A fan at the Rayo Vallecano game touched Sevilla player Lucas Ocampos on his backside.

Sevilla’s Lucas Ocampos requested that La Liga address the situation after a Rayo Vallecano fan seemingly prodded his buttocks while he was getting ready to make a throw-in.

The occurrence took place 33 minutes into the La Liga game on Monday night and was soon shared widely on social media. Ocampos responded to the young fan and then summoned the referee. The match was briefly paused as Rayo players asked the audience to remain calm while some home fans laughed.

Sevilla’s victory of 2-1 against Vallecas was overshadowed by one unfortunate event, but overall it was a positive night for the team. This win also broke their six-game losing streak and helped them move away from the threat of relegation. Their opponents, Rayo, have now suffered their fifth consecutive defeat in the league and are only two points ahead in the standings.

According to Ocampos, the footage reveals what occurred. They urge La Liga to treat this incident with the same seriousness as they do with racism. Ocampos believes that not all fans of Rayo are like this, as they have always shown respect towards their team, but there is always one individual who behaves foolishly.

“I pray that this does not occur in other contexts, as we have seen the repercussions it can have in a women’s football match,” stated the 29-year-old. “I managed to stay composed because I have two daughters, and I hope they never experience this in their future.”

I hope the necessary steps are taken and I also hope that the actions of one foolish person do not tarnish the good behavior of a group of fans.

After 19 minutes, Sevilla gained the advantage thanks to a fortunate bounce and precise scoring. Issac Romero’s errant pass ricocheted off a Rayo defender and landed perfectly for Youssef En-Nesyri, who capitalized from the edge of the box.

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10 minutes after, the home team equalized when Isi Palazón scored from the left side after Alfonso Espino’s cross. In the minute before halftime, Romero and En-Nesyri worked together to score again, with the Moroccan forward getting the goal to secure three points.

Source: theguardian.com