“Why am I not being taken seriously? I have accomplished so much in my life.”

I loved you in [the 1998 musical drama] Velvet Goldmine; a superb and disruptive movie. Did you enjoy the shooting? GasparGarcao

We filmed a scene with an orgy, in a very rock and roll style, at 10am. The camera was mounted on a Steadicam, so the actors had to remain in character at all times because the camera could be looking anywhere. We did a six-minute take where everyone was fully engaged in the scene in a large room. When the director yelled “Cut!”, everyone stopped and then we were asked to do another take. I was working with Emily Woof and we had to get very close in a short amount of time. We would stop and then quickly resume the scene.

Eddie Izzard in Velvet Goldmine

What is the scent of George Clooney? TopTramp
George Clooney smells very George Clooneyish. I found him a very positive person. And annoyingly good at table football. I went to boarding school, so I’m very good at table football. I challenged him when we were filming Ocean’s Twelve. I thought, “I’m going to beat George Clooney here”, and he beat me 10–8. You can’t get that good without having played many games of table football. I still have a rematch in mind.

Are you still interested in acting, MsRizla?

If someone watches it, my latest movie “Doctor Jekyll” demonstrates my acting abilities. I recently finished filming “Great Expectations” where I portrayed 19 different characters. In January, I will be taking on the role of Hamlet in New York, where I will once again be playing a large number of characters. Acting has always been my passion since I was seven years old. I have always had a sense of humor and enjoyed watching comedic performances.

I was unaware of the option to specialize until I came across Monty Python. I have a different agent for acting than for comedy and I work on both simultaneously. I have been pursuing dramatic roles in movies and on stage for 20-25 years, and comedy for 35 years. However, I am now transitioning into politics, following in the footsteps of Glenda Jackson, so my acting career will have to be put on hold. Nonetheless, I have a passion for acting. The key element of acting is to be authentic, while the main goal of comedy is to make people laugh. They are slightly different and can be confused at times.

Were you given any official response from the royal family for your voice work as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles on The Simpsons? – TurangaLeela2

King Charles possesses a great sense of humor and I had the opportunity to perform for the Prince’s Trust. I believe that he and Camilla married out of love. While I am not a supporter of monarchy or hereditary privilege, I do admire his patience in waiting to become king. He was ahead of his time in terms of addressing climate change and promoting organic farming. As king, he has made efforts to do good and continue to do so. In his speech at the French parliament, during a time when the Brexit government was advocating for separation, he emphasized the importance of unity and cooperation. He believes that we can learn from other countries and they can learn from us, and we should work towards progress together. I have faith that in the coming decades he will make positive contributions, and I hope he lives a long life to do so.

Eddie Izzard in Valkyrie

“What was the most terrible performance you’ve ever had?” – nathanadler

During live television shows with a studio audience, a comedian is often brought on to warm up the crowd. This person is also used as a filler when the cameras need to be moved or sets and costumes changed. They excel at engaging the audience with lighthearted jokes and banter. While I never had an interest in doing sketch comedy or sitcoms, I believed I could succeed as a warmup comedian due to my experience with street performing and hosting standup shows. However, my attempts on shows like Red Dwarf and a variety show were unsuccessful as my style of humor did not align with the typical “room humor” that is expected in this role. My jokes about Mars, cats with guns, and whether whales could be DJs of the sea fell flat with the audience.

Did you always identify as a female, even though you presented yourself in a more masculine way because you played male roles? Or have you always felt that your gender falls somewhere along the spectrum? – jayBwalker
My genetics have not moved. I’ve always known that I had both boy and girl genetics. We know we are a mixture: XX and XY, not XX and YY. We start in the foetus as girls and some get coded boys. We have an obsession about separating with crowbars. I feel the spectrum is true – who you fancy, how you self-identify – and the slider can be anywhere. Since I came out 38 years ago, I have the gift of both. I was based as a cis male; now I feel more content based as a trans woman.

Eddie Izzard running

What makes you a credible political candidate in the eyes of voters? Vivster
Why did anyone take Boris Johnson or Donald Trump seriously? If you look at the marathons I’ve run, the fact I’ve performed in French, German and Spanish, you’ll see I’m about making rather than breaking connections; about raising money to help rather than to hurt people.

Other politicians in our country and around the world have done massively negative, extreme rightwing things, using lying as a tool of politics. I’ve tried to be open. I came out as trans 38 years ago. I’ve tried to do things that have been honest – play with a straight bat, to use a cricketing analogy. Take me as you see me. I treat other people as I like to be treated myself.

I possess the ability to communicate effectively and possess a global perspective for the future: every individual on this planet deserves an equal opportunity in life, totaling 8 billion people. My efforts to promote this cause will begin in Brighton Pavilion. I am committed to advocating for the betterment of Brighton, my country, our continent, and our world – as the 21st century marks a significant milestone for humanity. We must strive to create a fair and just society for all 8 billion people in this century, or else I fear we will not survive as a species in the following century. It is disheartening to see individuals using deceit and manipulation in politics without facing any repercussions. Considering my track record and achievements in life, why would you not take my words seriously?

Eddie Izzard

Do you tend to have a positive or negative outlook on life? Is your glass with Eddie Izzard gin filled halfway or halfway empty? From VerulamiumParkRanger.

I am someone who always sees the glass as two-thirds full. For those who are transgender and came out in 1985, it was important to maintain a positive attitude. Otherwise, it would be difficult to succeed. I believe that there is more kindness in the world than negativity. However, there are some individuals who become consumed by their own ego and, if they attain a leadership position in a country, may remove democratic systems and manipulate situations to stay in power repeatedly. This can lead to the decline of democracy. It is unfortunate that these individuals seem to monopolize leadership, leaving no room for others to contribute.

However, they appear to be a small group that manages to attain powerful positions and control their country. The majority of us are good-natured individuals. Despite the current state of the world and the terrible events occurring, the vast majority of people still believe in coexisting peacefully. Therefore, I choose to maintain a positive outlook on life.

Source: theguardian.com