The Gotham awards ceremony censored Robert De Niro’s anti-Trump speech.

Without his knowledge, Robert De Niro’s remarks against Trump were censored during his speech at the Gotham awards in New York, according to the actor.

De Niro came to the stage as part of the Gotham historical icon and creator tribute for the Martin Scorsese-directed Killers of the Flower Moon, and after reading out some remarks about the film, said that the first part of his speech had been removed from the prompter.

He proceeded to read the omitted portion of the speech from his phone, stating: “History is no longer what it used to be. Truth is not equivalent to truth. Even facts are being substituted with alternative facts, driven by conspiracy theories and ugliness. In Florida, young students are taught that slaves possessed skills that could be exploited for their own gain. The entertainment industry is not immune to this spreading illness. The renowned actor John Wayne famously stated that he did not believe it was wrong to take this great country away from Native Americans. He believed that there were a large number of people who needed new land and the Native Americans were selfishly trying to keep it for themselves.”

De Niro stated that lying has become a common tactic used by con artists. The previous president was known for lying over 30,000 times during his time in office, and he continues to do so in his current campaign for revenge. However, despite all his lies, he cannot hide his true character. He targets the vulnerable, damages the environment, and demonstrates disrespect by using offensive language like “Pocahontas”.

De Niro declined to express gratitude to the movie’s supporters, Apple, in light of the fact that they edited a portion of his speech. He stated, “I have no desire to thank them for their actions. How could they do that, really?”

Apple and the Gotham awards have been reached out to for a statement.

De Niro has a extensive record of criticizing Trump through spoken words. In a video prior to the election in 2016, he expressed, “He exhibits such obvious stupidity. He is a coward. He is uncouth. He is deceitful. He is a fraud. He is a dishonest artist. He is an ignorant individual who lacks understanding.” In 2019, he stated to the Guardian, “I am eagerly anticipating seeing him imprisoned,” and in October, he issued a statement to the Stop Trump Summit in New York, labeling the former president as “malevolent” and “a pretender to toughness without any moral or ethical standards”.