Review of “Deliver Us” – A chaotic horror film about a demonic baby and its surreal hallucinations.

Review of “Deliver Us” – A chaotic horror film about a demonic baby and its surreal hallucinations.


Warning to soon-to-be parents, do not read further. Deliver Us draws inspiration from popular horror films like Rosemary’s Baby and The Omen. It tells the story of a pregnant nun in Russia who is carrying twins – one being the antichrist and the other the son of God. The Vatican sends Father Fox (played by Lee Roy Kunz, who also co-directs) to investigate, leading to a series of strange visions, dreams, and events. If you’ve ever envisioned a bride of Christ diving into a cross-shaped hole on a frozen lake in the darkness of night, this is the movie for you.

The premise of Deliver Us may seem cheesy, but it has the potential to be a great horror movie. However, the directors and writers, Cru Ennis and Kunz, take a more serious approach to the material. This is a nice change from the typical horror-comedy that can become tiresome. In the beginning, the serious tone adds to the film’s quality. The opening scene, with off-screen beheadings and footage of knives cutting through tattooed flesh, is realistically done and sets up the expectation for a truly terrifying movie. The cinematography is excellent throughout, showcasing moody landscapes reminiscent of Bruegel’s famous painting, “Hunters in the Snow.” However, despite these strong elements, the movie ultimately falls short of delivering a truly scary experience.

However, as the movie continues, it becomes clear that the issue lies in the dialogue-heavy and plot-driven segments in between the action sequences and dreamlike sequences. The serious and gloomy script struggles to keep the story moving, causing the viewer to anticipate the next scene featuring a violent one-eyed priest, unexpected beartrap, or disturbing breastfeeding moment. It is unfortunate, as this film had the potential to be quite enjoyable.

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