“I am grateful for any opportunity to connect with the younger generation,” said Sir Ben Kingsley.

“I am grateful for any opportunity to connect with the younger generation,” said Sir Ben Kingsley.

Storytelling is my tribal function. That is how I belong. Just to be given the grace and fortune to occupy that role in society is an eternal blessing. There is something urgent and exhilarating about telling a story. When the material is right and the audience are there, there’s nothing to compare it with.

It may come across as self-absorbed, but I believe my most significant role is still to come. The desire for it is unconscious. I wasn’t aware of how much I wanted to portray Don Logan in Sexy Beast until the character appeared on the script.

The generation of youth has an abundance of knowledge readily available to them. It is great to have any opportunity for them to come across me. They may stumble upon my portrayal of Mandarin in Iron Man 3 and realize, “Wow, he has also appeared in many other works.”

I recently celebrated my birthday with a fantastic party arranged by my beloved wife Daniela, who is my fourth spouse. My kids and grandkids were all in attendance, making it an exceptionally special event. It was heartwarming to see how well I bond and communicate with my grandchildren, and I am thankful for the strong connection we share.

Being a sir does not come with benefits. It carries a responsibility to embody and defend a role, a status, a spirit of generosity, and a deep sense of understanding and kindness. I enjoy spending time with my fellow knights – admirable men who have achieved great success and are fortunate in life.

When I was around four or five years old, my family and I watched a movie called Never Take No for an Answer at the movie theater. The story revolved around a young Italian boy who had lost his parents during World War Two. I was so moved by the film that it made me cry. After the movie, we were in the lobby when the theater manager spotted me in the crowd and exclaimed, “Look, it’s little Peppino!” I apparently resembled the boy from the film so much that for a brief moment, the audience mistook me for the star. It was a powerful moment that had a deep impact on me.

If I were to encounter Shakespeare, I would feel extremely overwhelmed. It is obvious that he possessed the greatest intelligence of his time. This era was characterized by exploration, expansion, curiosity, migration, travel, and remarkable intelligence. Even 400 years later, we can see his intellectual generosity reflected in his plays, which serve as his gift to us.

I have had the pleasure of working with the most giving actor, Robert Downey Jr. His talent made my role in Iron Man shine. In the entertainment industry, there is a saying that the goal is to “win the scene.” However, a director recently told me this on a film set, and although I didn’t say it aloud, my inner voice disagreed. I believe the true goal is to make your fellow actors feel good.

My beloved wife taught me a valuable lesson with the phrase: “Everything happens for a reason.” Although it may seem simple, its magnitude becomes apparent upon reflection. I wish I had heard those words earlier in my life, instead of later.

Would I alter any events if I could travel through time? Honestly, I would not. Changing even a single moment would have altered my current situation. This is destiny, the unfolding of the universe.

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Source: theguardian.com